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At AeroShine we understand that keeping your aircraft detailed and clean will help it hold its value as well as making a great first impression. AeroShine has implemented several standards for all aircraft we clean, whether it is a Piper Cub or Gulfstream.

  • Before we ever touch your aircraft we want to know exactly what you want, and if there is anything special you require. We will walk around the aircraft with you and or your pilot to get a better understanding of your needs.
  • A 45 point check list will be used while detailing and cleaning your aircraft (this can be customized to your aircraft)
  • Every aircraft AeroShine details and cleans will have a minimum crew of 2 workers. This is to ensure we do not miss anything and we audit our own work.
  • Customer service follow up call. We want to know what you liked about our service. We will also take constructive criticism in order to better or services and abilities.

Central Texas Premier Aircraft Detail and Wash Company

A Wide Range Of Services

Quick Turn Interior Cleaning

This is a level of cleaning performed when time is short.  We vacuum the aircraft, clean windows(interior and exterior), position seatbelts, remove any trash from receptacles, sanitize galley and lavatory counters, clean cockpit monitors and wipe down exterior trouble spots.


Interior Aircraft cleaning

The interior appearance has a direct impact on your company and the aircraft you operate.  AEROSHINE offers a full interior service from a quick turn to a full detail.  We can customize the level of cleaning to suit your needs

Exterior Aircraft Cleaning

The exterior appearance of your aircraft sets the critical first impression of you and your company.  AEROSHINE offers services from a quick cleaning to a full wash, wax, and brightwork polishing.  We can customize the level of cleaning to suit your needs.

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We proudly serve Central Texas (Austin & San Antonio) and West Texas (Midland & Odessa).

Austin / San Antonio, Texas

Matthew J Armstrong

AeroShine LLC & AeroShine West Texas, LLC
Email: Matt@AeroShine.Aero

Midland / Odessa, Texas

Steve Weston

AeroShine West Texas, LLC
Mobile: 541-915-2419
Email: Steve@AeroShine.Aero

Austin / San Antonio, Texas

Erik Cortez

AeroShine, LLC
Mobile: 512-757-3545
Email: Erik@AeroShine.Aero

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What People are Saying About Us

Matt Armstrong and his crew at AeroShine have been cleaning and detailing aircraft at the Skyport FBO since our inception 5 years ago. They are always prompt, courteous, professional and one of a very few companies that consistently over-deliver. They are fully insured and have years of experience cleaning and detailing aircraft. They use only aviation-safe products and take great care in working on and around our customers’ high-dollar assets. I have yet to hear any complaints about AeroShine and we recommend them highly to anyone seeking to have their aircraft cleaned, detailed and maintained to always look their best.

John Koenreich

General Manager, Skyport FBO

And shine it does!  I would like to commend Erik Cortez on the great job he does of keeping our Piper Malibu looking brand new.  Washing a plane is hard work and It would take me twice as long, and it would come out half as good as the great job done by Erik and his crew.  After two years of owning the plane it looks better than the day we got it.  AeroShine has always provided us with excellent service and does it the way we want it. Thanks for the great work AeroShine.

Daryl Thompson

Chief Pilot

Professional quality and fast service! Definitely has gained my business.

Eugene Torres Jr.

Director of Aviation, AmeriTex Pipe & Products

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